eye brows (alone)


$20 cash

eye brows when added to any other service


$15 cash

upper lip


$10 cash



$15 cash



$15-$20 cash

eye brows, upper lip, chin


$30 cash

full face

(includes chin, upper & lower lip,

eye brows, full cheeks, neck & jawline)


$40 cash

full face (without eye brows)


$35 cash

under arms


$20 cash

hands & fingers


$20 cash

Full arms

(starting at the fingers, working

upwards, the serviced area

stops before the shoulder

& includes hands & fingers)


$45 cash

feet & toes


$20 cash

bikini (women only)


$35-40 cash

brazilian (women only)


$45 cash

I accept credit card, check or cash. If paying with cash or check, there is a $2.00 discount.

(If paying with a card and getting multiple services done in one appointment, there will not be an extra $2 charge per service. In this case, a 3% charge of the overall total will be added to appropriately cover processing fees.)


***Apologies, if there is a service NOT listed above, it means I do not sugar that particular area***

Starting May 31st, 2022 there will be a $2.00 price increase to each service.